The kindergarten class

Petite Section (PS: 3 years) – Moyenne Section (MS: 4 years) – Grande Section (GS: 5 years)


Providing each child with a successful first school experience is the major goal of the preschool. With an original identity and a culture adapted to the age and development of the children it welcomes, this full-service school is distinguished from the elementary school by the pedagogy it implements.

The teachers are concerned with providing each child with a living environment and an organization of activities that encourage his or her autonomy and give him or her the time to live his or her first experiences while engaging in new acquisitions. They accurately identify the needs of each person, create the conditions for chance discoveries and encourage spontaneous experimentation. They encourage organized activity and maintain a sufficiently high level of demand so that, in their games, the children construct new ways of acting on the reality that surrounds them. Kindergarten is the educational and pedagogical foundation on which the learning that will be systematized in elementary school is based and developed. It is through play, action, autonomous research and sensitive experience that the child, according to his own path, builds his fundamental acquisitions.


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Disciplinary areas Average weekly Cycle 1 : PS/MS/GS
Language 8 Children acquire languages that allow them not only to communicate with those around them, but also to access culture.
Living together 5 Each child must learn to experience freedom of action and to build new relationships with peers and adults.
Act and express yourself with your body 4 The child broadens the scope of his or her experiences in environments and spaces that help him or her get to know himself or herself better and develop his or her physical abilities, that encourage him or her to adjust and diversify his or her actions, and that offer him or her a variety of sensations and emotions.
Discover the world 4 The activities proposed in this perspective give him reference points to order the events in the passing time and structure the spaces he explores.
Sensitivity, imagination, creation 3 The child must be able to search, invent, transform, express and experience the pleasure of creation.
Word of the day 1 An expression, a reading, a reflection, a game, an anecdote or a fact of life that makes you think and that can give meaning to the day.
Total 25h

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