High School - The First and the Final Year of High School

16 and 17 years old


The Première class introduces specialty courses while maintaining an important common core. It becomes a key step in the process of choosing a career path. The student chooses 3 specialties. The Terminale class reinforces specialization with a view to higher education. The student keeps 2 of the 3 specialties chosen in Première.

The International French Baccalaureate (BFI)


Since the beginning of the 2022 school year, the International Option of the Baccalaureate (OIB) has become the French International Baccalaureate (BFI). Students in the première de la voie générale who take part in this program prepare for this new international option during their two years in the final cycle, which will be taken into account in the exam starting with the 2024 session of the baccalauréat. The BFI of LIFPA Don Bosco Saint John is available in a bilingual (French – English) or trilingual (French – English – Spanish) format.
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Common teachings First Terminal
French 4h /
Philosophy / 4h
History-Geography 3h 3h
Modern language A (English) and B (Spanish) 4h30 4h
Science education 2h 2h
Physical and Sports Education 2h 2h
Common teachings First Terminal
Mathematics 4h 6h
Physics Chemistry 4h 6h
SVT 4h 6h
Economic and Social Sciences 4h 6h
History – Geography, Geopolitics, and Political Science 4h 6h
Humanities Literature and Philosophy 4h 6h
Engineering Sciences 4h 6h
Digital and Computer Sciences 4h 6h
English: Contemporary World 4h 6h
Option BFI Trilingual (French – English – Spanish) First Terminal
History-Geography 2 hours in French and 2 hours in English 2 hours in French and 2 hours in English
Knowledge of the world in English 2h 2h
Cultural and linguistic deepening in Spanish 2h 2h
Optional – History-Geography, Geopolitics and Political Science in Spanish 2h 2h
Option BFI Bilingual (French – English) First Terminal
Scientific Education 2 hours in French + 1.5 hours in English 2 hours in French + 1.5 hours in English
World knowledge in English 2h 2h
Cultural and linguistic deepening in English 4,5h 4,5h
Optional: Math Specialty in English 2h 2h

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