The High School - The General Seconde

15 years old


The goal of the Seconde class is to give students the most open choices possible. It provides them with a common general culture, while allowing them to discover new fields: literary, economic, scientific or technological. It combines a common core and optional courses.


The English international section - The Spanish international section

The international sections have three objectives:

  • facilitate the reception and integration of foreign students into the French school system and their eventual return to their home system
  • allow French students to practice a foreign language in depth
  • to promote the transmission of the cultural heritage of the countries concerned.

Six hours of modern language instruction

A non-language subject is taught partially in French and partially in English/Spanish:

  • history-geography-civic education: half of the teaching is done in English/Spanish
  • foreign languages: 4 hours of foreign languages, in addition to the 4 hours of English/Spanish.


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Common teachings Second
French 4h
History-Geography and EMC 3,5h
Modern language A (English) and B (Spanish, German, Italian) 5h30
Mathematics 4h
Physical chemistry 3h
Life and Earth Sciences 1h30
Physical and Sports Education 2h
Digital Science and Technology 1h30
Word of the day 1h
Common teachings Second
Option: History – Geography International Section (English or Spanish) 2 hours in French and 2 hours in English or Spanish
Option – North American Languages and Literature (International English Section) 4h
Option – Spanish Language and Literature (International Spanish Section) 4h

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